It was a skateboard, a gift from my mother that she gave me in my adolescence, which marked the beginnings of my career as an urban plastic artist. The skateboard was the tool I used to hunt for graffiti tags in the city of Medellin, and my admiration for these graphics began to grow from those moments.

That explosion of “callejeo”, music, skateboarding, streetwear, and graffiti; opened a gap of curiosity in my adolescent mind that began to experiment with its first spray can. It was a spiritual transformation thanks to that subtle flutter and the soft whistle of the gas coming out of the nozzle that made the energy of graffiti possess me immediately long before I had finished my first design in the backyard of my house.
That incredible mix of sensations filled me with the energy to bomb the city of Medellin with my designs. For a few months, I used art to express my ideas and feelings that I had at those moments, but I was not sure about the message I was transmitting.
There was a moment when I decided to evolve with the design because I wanted something deeper, with a message and a much clearer meaning and that’s where the symbol of power was born.
The symbol of power, with its infinite spiral shapes, represents an urban mantra that connects our mind with inspiration and expands our unconscious to a metaphysical universe loaded with spiritual power. It is expanding energy; they are vibratory waves that inspire to create. That force in its forms is what has made this symbol transcend to cultural spheres worldwide.
“La Plaga Invade” is a plastic artistic movement with more than eighteen years in the creative world, leaving its trail and its identity in different cultural areas. Making its tag transcend to different cultural scenarios.
Apart from being one of the first exponents to bomb the city with thousands of my tags with the symbol of power, my art has filtered into other cultural environments such as urban music, reggaeton, rap, and hip-hop. In addition to collaborations in music videos, costumes, and lately a pioneer in crypto art in the city of Medellin and the world. Founder of Neaverso, a virtual gallery that hosts more than sixty urban artists, where they exhibit their virtual works in NFT format.